Testimonials That Make a Difference

The team at AssiST’EM has created some of the best STEM education programs on the planet and made STEM education connections all over the world. From the top formal and informal educators, to astronauts, to some of the most powerful people and companies in the STEM industries.

But, the most important people whom we serve are the students and their parents. Over 1 million students around the globe have been impacted by the team at AssiST’EM. JOIN US and become part of the success in the AssiST’EM family and become the stars you were destined to be. 


Hear what others are saying about AssiST’EM!

Testimonial from former NASA Astronaut Lt. Col. (ret.) Duane “Digger” Carey

Pilot STS-109



“AssiST’EM is amazing! They have transformed distance education and made it possible for my daughter to experience educational success!”



“The AssiST’EM Leadership team are exceptional STEM education leaders who continue to deliver the highest quality professional development for educators and experiences and training for students interested in achieving at the highest level. Their extensive knowledge of STEM education and their network in the space exploration and education industries give them a unique perspective into what it takes to solve some of the most challenging problems we face. They have an incredible ability to translate those skills to others.” – Daniel Newmyer, VP of Education, Space Center Houston





“Audra is not only an exceptional individual but she is also a talented leader and dedicated education professional. She and her team created an outstanding institution to support students and she has gone on to create and lead outstanding and highly diverse international education programs. Not only did Audra and her team make a life long impact on my child and our family but she is a trusted and valued member of the educational community – providing invaluable guidance, mentorship and support on multiple dimensions. Her work changed my child’s life both personally and academically and I will be forever grateful. The world needs more people like Audra.”– L. Fesenmeyer, Duke University graduate, parent




“Throughout my academic and professional career, the leadership team at AssiST’EM led me through what others saw as unachievable goals. With intense competition, in a constantly evolving world, there is no other help as consistent, equipped and genuine than these amazing individuals at AssiST’EM. The United States’ best kept secret, now being introduced to the world.” ~Megan Marchand

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