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If you are looking to innovate or invigorate the STEM resources in your community, AssiST’EM can help! With a proven track record, years of experience and numerous awards, our team will energize your STEM event and help you design the perfect outreach program. Using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) principles as a platform to engage students, we utilize both proven and innovative solutions and programs to inspire educators, students and community stakeholders to improve education. We can help you design a STEM-focused educational solution for your needs.

The leadership team at AssiST’EM brings over 55 years of education experience, at all levels, to assist with the growth and success of education in your community. Additionally, the team has been awarded some of the highest state, national and international awards and recognitions in the world for both innovative education programs and the proven results of student success.

Do your teachers need assistance with teaching virtually? We can help! Our leadership team has created some of the most powerful online VR/AR classrooms and educational teaching platforms in the world. Allow us to give your teachers the virtual tools to be successful in this new learning environment during the COVID pandemic.


Proven Results

From educational conferences to school district educational planning to educational plans for entire countries, AssiST’EM can help your communities succeed.

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Best in the Industry

The AssiST’EM leadership team has received some of the top awards in the world during their educational careers.

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Our Services


AssiST’EM offers STEM/STEAM educational consulting and program management services to Educational Support and Outreach Programs looking to innovate and bolster their STEM/STEAM skills within their communities. We provide support for:

  • Schools and School Districts
    • Virtual Classroom Conversions- for Increased Student Engagement.  Support and training for use of facial recognition software to determine student’s engagement and online platforms
  • Companies
    • Innovative Solutions and Program Management of your STEM Community Engagement Outreach Programs- How to Make Your Brand Synonymous With STEM Education
  • Non-profits
    • Support Your Cause Through STEM Program Innovation and Management
  • Government Agencies
    • How to use STEM Resources to Reach Underrepresented Populations
  • Countries and Embassies
    • Bring World-Class STEM Resources to Your Country as a Bridge Between Cultures
  • Informal Educational Institutions/Museums/Science Centers
    • Learn How to Use AR/VR and In-Person STEM Resources to Reach Your Community


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