AssiST’EM’s Vision

We believe our students can positively change the world by supporting their successes while focusing on overcoming current social, economic and cultural barriers by providing innovative educational programming, consulting and mentoring opportunities.


Assisting Your Child To Success

Develop Your Path to Greatness

The AssiST’EM leadership team’s passion is seeing your child succeed. Whether it is preparing for college exams, a desire to attend university such as an IVY LEAGUE university, attending a trade school, or the need for guidance and support in the STEM career workforce, AssiST’EM has the proven track record to help your child achieve their goals.

Founded in 2012, AssiST’EM has been dedicated to seeing students succeed. The leadership team brings over 55 years of experience in formal and informal education. Additionally, our team has received state, national and international awards for our innovative STEM programs and results.

To date, our team has impacted over 1 million students, globally, during our education careers. Let us assist your child in achieving deserved success!




Meet Our Leadership Team



Audra Peck created AssiST’EM in 2012 with the passion to see students succeed… (Learn more)



          Audra Peck

Chief Executive Officer




Bryan DeBates has been in formal and informal education for over 35 years…  (Learn more)



        Bryan DeBates

Chief Operations Officer















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